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How Movers and Packers in UAE Calculate the Cost of Your Move?

Moving is a big deal, especially if you're moving from one country to another. You have to consider all the different factors that affect the cost of moving services in UAE. This can be difficult if you're not sure what they are or how to calculate them. In an attempt to help you understand how movers and packers calculate the cost of a move, Maxon Cargo LLC has outlined some of those factors and help you calculate your own move quote!

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What factors decide the cost of your move?


The distance of your move

As you move further away from your current home, you will need more fuel and labour. Thus, it is one of the factors that movers consider when calculating their prices. This indicates that moving within the same building would be less expensive. However, the difference might not be noticeable if you are moving to an adjacent building since a truck will still be necessary.


The size of your belongings

Your relocation costs will increase as your possessions become larger and take up additional space in the trucks provided by moving companies in the UAE. They could also need to make additional journeys and use more employees for larger removals. Hence, clearing and getting rid of unnecessary belongings before moving to your new house can greatly reduce your moving costs.


The time of shifting

If you are planning to move your belongings out of the GCC countries, then it would be better to choose air cargo for fast shipping. This might result in you paying a significant amount, whereas for local shipping (sea freight or land transportation), the charges would obviously be less.
Depending on the circumstances, the price may also cover paying to more manpower in case if you have more belongings. With Maxon Cargo LLC in UAE, you can hire experienced movers and packers, who will take good care of your belongings.

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The date of your move

Constantly keep in mind how significant the relocation date is. When business is slow, your moving company will probably charge you less. The majority of people migrate over the weekends, with Saturday being the most common day. Due to Fridays being a holiday, you could have to pay higher prices on those days.


The additional services

Moving companies may charge more if they have to carry your belongings up or down stairs. This can include managing very fragile items, as well as transporting expensive gadgets and other specialised equipment. Additionally, there can be extra expenses for packing and shipping delicate things like artwork and decorations as well as large, bulky objects. Maxon Cargo offers a wide range of services including car shipping, warehouse services, temperature-controlled storage, long-term and short-term storage, etc. to GCC countries and around the world.

As a professional movers and packers, Maxon Cargo LLC in Dubai, UAE can help you simply your shipments. We can optimize logistics management by handling pick-up, customs clearance, delivery, and distribution to a wide range of locations.

Maxon Cargo LLC serves you the most safe and reliable, domestic and international freight services at the best rates. We realize how important your products are to you, and we share that concern. As a result, our dependable worldwide scheduled consolidations and door-to-door transportation services ensure shortened lead times, providing the security and reliability required by our clients.

We're there every step of the way, with the expertise, quality, passion, and dedication to work to provide excellent service based on the client's requirements, their shipment, and customs needs.

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